2014 – VIBRATIONAL BEINGS and The Law of Attraction

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2014 – VIBRATIONAL BEINGS and The Law of Attraction Ready to Put the Law of Attraction into Action?? http://www.mooretopia.net Learn the truth about reality….

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  1. The perception that existence is “arbitrary” is as much pseudo-scientific
    gibberish as is D. Chopra’s extrapolations. Throughout history one certain
    characteristic of the scientific observer remains true, and this is that
    discoveries are made slowly by ignorant observers whose ignorance is only
    changed through discovery. A neutrino appears to spontaneously appear to
    the observer, but this observation does not mean the appearance of
    spontaneity was actually arbitrary. Arbitrary is the word used for lack of
    a better one.

  2. i got a nice voltage tester and i cannot manage to get a reading through my
    fingers. is there a concise guide? i need to verify things for myself but
    im very intrigued

  3. Most of this video is not even factually correct. Half of the experiments
    you show have never been replicated. More than Half the quotes are not
    correct. This is new age propaganda baloney.
    Fact check people
    You are not evolving, or becoming enlightened, your ego is just growing.

    If you believe in this crap and stuff like “the secret” you have been duped.
    New age propaganda people. It’s just convincing you that you should do
    nothing but be a cynical egotistical person and take no real action.

    ACTION speaks louder than words.

  4. Am I the only one that whenever watching this kind of videos, feels “high”,
    like levitating, looking in amazement, traveling to a higher place, looking
    and contemplating all of this information? Like I feel elevated, like
    dreaming, thinking and wondering about all the potentialities and
    probabilities of this magnificent place that we live in? I must be crazy!!
    But I feel so happy this way, I just wanted to grab everyone of this world
    and take them with me, and feel what I’m feeling, I feel joy and amazement
    with all of this, this is with no doubt the most incredible thing I have
    ever encountered, I wish school was like this, I world sleep in school!!
    Peace and love people from Portugal! 

  5. This is crap garbage. Others took your power but the age is here when we
    get our powers back. Uh-huh. Tell that to the continually burgeoning
    governments that are taking your decision making freedoms in order that
    they can make them for you.
    Here is one for you. Think and believe us all into prosperity. Think and
    believe us out of wars. Think and believe diseases away. Think and believe
    yourself to live forever.

  6. The “Einstein quote” was fake. God is most likely a force. A spirit would
    be unbalanced and evil. You already gave a lot of misinformation. 

  7. Water does not have memory , theres no real scientific proof
    so how much more of this video is false ?

  8. Very deep stuff! Very intriguing to both the person interested in science
    and the Spiritualist who desires to seek the truth! I love learning how my
    Spiritual beliefs can be explained and turned in physical evidence of
    truth! I totally believe in the power of Mind over matter! I think with our
    mind and human consciousness we create and bring into reality that which we
    think, feel and believe! We give our power away when we doubt what we can
    do, but with thought and action=anything is possible!!! Everything in
    existence began with a single thought and came from absolutely nothing in
    the beginning! Look around at what we have! All this existed before as
    nothing but space! So, we create just as God created! We are Co-creators
    with God and I believe this within my deepest core beliefs and entire
    being!!! :)

  9. I have to laugh at the people that are complaining about the video and
    sound quality. You can tell who the young viewers are. When I was younger,
    we had AM radio, record players that snapped and popped and Rabbit Ears on
    our television sets. We didn’t complain about it though. It was just the
    way it was. Can you say, “Spoiled”?
    Great video by the way.

  10. If you are depressed or pessimistic be careful using the secret or the law
    of attraction because it will work and bring on that negativity you are
    dwellingbon. I manifested an accident where I broke the tibia and fibula in
    both of my legs. Totally jinxed myself. This is not childsplay.

  11. I wish the video was more clear because I want to read the captions of who
    is speaking. LOVE the info. I know this stuff is real & true. The
    spiritually blind won’t get it. Reminds me of the Bible verse about casting
    your pearls before swine. Also the verse about telling ppl & if they don’t
    want the truth…shake the dust of their town off of your feet & walk away.
    Paraphrased, of course, for those who will want to attack me :)

  12. Collective consciousness explained by science… great video to create
    awareness. There’s more to this than meets the eye.

  13. That’s one of the most narrow minded comment I’ve ever read! There’s not
    proof of miracles yet millions of people believe in them and they DO

  14. This is incredible. I always felt that our body, mind & spirit had much
    more to them than just organs, tissue, blood & thought processes. There’s
    so much more to our being than we thought. Fascinating.

  15. Barry Maynard. I agree with you, but the video is not crap. Not enough
    share your views. The more that do, the more wonderful and positive things
    that will happen.

  16. BeastnStrings, you are focusing too much on creating the current, rather
    than being the current. There is a flow of energy that is part of the
    planet, as well as all life. For instance, the way animals, birds, and
    insects migrate every year to the same places. The way rivers flow to the
    ocean, clouds form, it rains, replenishes the streams , the streams flow to
    the rivers, and the rivers to the oceans. A continuous cycle.

  17. Gonna listen to this whilst I cleanith toilets at work , I hope I get
    enlightened :3 I just like listening to people speak even if it makes no
    sense I hope this vid does a bit since I’ve been watching most of these
    types of vids here.

  18. This is a good fantasy, but if it were actually true a lot more people
    wouldn’t be so miserable. 

  19. Thank you Steve for sharing this, the sad fact that we are growing with all
    that viruses that got into our brains withought having the chance to
    “clean” them out is really frusterating, especially when you discover all
    that great potentialities inside each one of us.. too late… but according
    to law of attraction, it’s never late. We can keep thinking positively and
    focus on what we “really” want.

  20. Check me out on face book. Email me and i will show you how to succeed in
    life…..yes get rich.

  21. Where can I get that stone that helps my electromagnetic signature?! I
    struggle with depression/anxiety and would love to see the difference it
    may make during my meditations

  22. I like too much !! I hope,in my point of view,this vídeo is a good tool to
    people open yours minds about these themes…Thanks to team to good and
    smart work…Murilo Bastos Ferreira. Florianópolis, SC. Brasil.

  23. It’s interesting that for the last few months I’ve been having these types
    of thoughts( pertaining to the video) and here I AM now watching this 2
    some hour video. I fill I was led here… Anyway, I leave you with this to
    think about…. what if this thing we call life and reality really nothing
    but a dream state… feed back please, I’m interested in hearing what
    others think/fill/believe. Peace! 

  24. The vision I witnessed spoke without words and brought understanding
    without explanations. I could no longer dismiss the mystifying oracle as
    hallucination as
    my spirit soul stepped away from my fleshly body. Amen! Praise GOD!

  25. I can’t believe that so many people like this video
    This is clearly pseudo science bullshit
    Stones in the shape of the universe? quantum generators with tachyons?????
    What the fuck guys?

  26. Does anyone know real TITLE of this movie? I’d like to find a Better
    Quality Version. Love it!

  27. at 40 – numbers, I add letters, a birth name and date does
    give a lot of info fr that person.. I do readings for that and they
    come out very accurate.. its really cool what we can learn
    about people just from their name and birth date

  28. I really like this, but does anyone have a higher resolution copy somewhere
    so that I can share with some people that I know?

  29. WOW Please PLEASE change the sound quality! There’s no way I’m listening to
    a two hours and a half video with horrible sound quality! Some people are
    sensitive to that!

  30. Hey, the Pregnant one, give birth already and stop showing your mug shot
    here and there, you are creeping me out.

  31. our power can never be taken,however if you are unaware of your power you
    can be tricked to give it away

  32. It’s real..those who knock it..you believe and represent what you
    think..exactly. Some won’t get this comment. But the ones that do….

  33. At 39:00 he says Numerologists study data including date, time & location
    of birth. I’ve read that this is performed by Astrologers, not
    Numerologists. I could be wrong.

  34. he needs to stop with the “scientifically demonstrated” phrase, there is
    nothing scientifically demosntrated here. Just because he said that he did
    something hundreds of times and tested it and bla bla bla doesnt mean its
    scientific. Science works in 2 ways. You do experiments, write down the
    results, let other people read it and test it themselves then !bam!.The one
    who re-searches or re does the experiment either falsifies it or the
    experiment lives long enough to become a theory. This is science! Stop
    using words that are important for humanity that way and using it as an
    argumentative statement jus because you want people to believe it.!!!!!!!!

  35. One thing is BS for sure “Tachyon” energy does not exist outside a CERN or
    other particle accelerator and would never be feasibly available to these
    charlatans..There is merit to vibrational sciences and all but this is
    hyper loaded diaper fill..

  36. So if a childs parents are horrible and beat him.. he knew them before he
    came and still chose them…???

    , practice –
    listening to the truth, trying to listen beyond the mind and emotions.
    Again do not be concerned if all you hear is the rushing about of your
    own thoughts. Remember, you are developing listening.That is the
    most important thing. Like exercising a muscle in the body, you are
    exercising the faculty of mind called listening.Therefore, this day
    practice listening, taking these practice periods to devote yourself so
    that you may feel the truth arising within you.

    Learn more of the steps here :


    thanx To al the ppl from The New Message from God .

    Learn More Visdom here :

  38. Mr Pregnant is a prime example of what is really endangering the planet,
    narcissistic ego. We all need a big dose of humility. To much “Look at me,
    look at me!” 

  39. So many people have no understanding of what we truly have In life people
    are suppressed 

  40. Where’s a Good Web Site to get “Healing Rocks”? & Most of All! The “Real

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