How I Used Law of Attraction To Get Money: $3000 Manifested In Three Days With Three Simple Steps

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Simple and very powerful technique to manifest money or anything in your life, using the Focus Wheel as presented by Abraham-Hicks Thank you to so many of yo…

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  1. If the law of attraction worked, then why can’t millions of desperate
    third world mothers feed their dying children? Are you to assume that they
    just don’t want the food enough, or don’t feel they deserve the food
    enough? No thinking person would believe such nonsense… You supposedly
    “manifest” $3000, but they can’t even manifest clean drinking water or a
    fragment of food…

  2. Hi, Doug! Thanks for making this vid. It helped me to see the focus wheel
    diagrammed and walked through. After I watched it about 2 hours ago, I was
    feeling abundant. A half hour ago I received a call to set up a phone
    interview for a job! Yaaay!

  3. Thanks much Doug…you put it into perspective, the Law of Attraction can
    be so VAGUE!!! I esp like the Feelings & the 90 second spots..that I
    believe is the key, thanks for the lift will keep you updated..namaste

  4. Im really at the downside of life, No money, No relation, No job, No

    Life is really at the worst for me, I will try this, Wish me luck !

  5. Allow me to use bold letters. YOU HAVE SOLD ME ABE-HICK`S WHEEL AGAIN. You
    have been clearer than Esther herself. Do more processes please!!! Good
    luck with EN. 

  6. So rather than using this power to create a better life for all people, a
    world full of people with greater compassion, understanding, wisdom & Love
    which would turn this world on its head overnight, here we get a great
    visual of what really matters to most people enslaved by their ego, fuelled
    by the desire for worldly riches to satisfy self…the $3000, the car, the
    perfect job, the perfect mate, a greater income, the jewellery…. ;(
    If you believe you need more to be happy, you will never be content. How
    could you be content with more if you are not content & grateful for what
    you have already? 

  7. this is a confirmation video for me! You said some key words “Palm Springs,
    August, Cats, Mountains :)

  8. Focus Wheel is not for manifesting, focus wheel is for clearing
    misalignment or doubt. You are repeating the statements like Rampage.

  9. Skeptic. OH, you are so off (and your channel sucks)! My advise: Go teach
    archery to the third world. You are respectfully dismissed.

  10. thanks very much for sharing your very good idea. i wanna try it. i believe
    in focus wheel and now is will happen to me. no, what i want is now and
    here in my life. god bless you

  11. Wow! This is an amazing video. I really felt your excitement. I knew
    about the focus wheel through another presenter but at the time I didn’t
    feel that it would contribute to manifesting what I wanted. But watching
    your presentation was very inspiring and I created a focus wheel while
    watching this video. Now I feel the high vibration. Thank you for your
    wonderful video. You are an amazing teacher! blessings, debbie

  12. but what if you have never been wealthy and you don’t know that
    feeling?then you get in touch with something that you love? like I love the
    feeling of having money to feed my squirrels I love going places with my
    son. I love giving to people when I have enough money? are these good
    examples of how I can do this?

  13. I almost feel the excitament that you had.Really 😀 ! It was amazing.Thank
    you for the video

  14. Hey doug just going to tell u how the past few weeks been
    And i have a couple of questions if u dont mind answering :$

    I have a feeling this really worked for me !!!
    am i allowed to talk about it openly ?
    I had a phone in the beginning of this year and it broke, Almost very quick
    i got my relatives iPhone instead, Somebody who i would not expect gave me
    his phone !
    i visualised the money infront of me and it totally worked ! I promised i
    share whatever i have, And i was undecisive if i had to give money to people
    or would buy stuff for people, and i did the latter, It comes over more
    powerful too
    do that, there was only 1 occasion i gave a person money for helping me out
    i saved up 150 euros from doing a job, And i bought something nice for
    I raged at a video game, And i punched my TV screen and it broke down, I
    lied about it and said it was a power cut that caused it, And outta the
    blue, that SAME relative that gave me his iphone and gave me the 150 for a
    very simple job where i got help from helped me PAY half of the tv screen i
    am using now, I am very happy with this !
    i will continue to stay positive, And keep lies to a minimum !
    Hope u will have MANY positive things happening too yourself aswell !!

  15. Thank You for doing this video, I finally saw the visual of this concept
    and LOVE the results You’ve had in doing it!!! I am looking forward to
    coming back here and telling You of My success shortly! Thank You once

  16. This so works……I made my wheel and did what was required, so so simple
    n within a hours time I received a call n received what I asked for

  17. I walk with dogs as a job so i have a lot of time to think , sometimes i
    feel so much happiness because you know i love dogs , while i walk i see
    the sunset , feel the wind blow my face and in that moment i feel that
    emotion and i visualize myself as a magnet of money ,i repeat in my mind i
    am abundance ,the money comes to me in many unexpected ways and in two
    weeks i got 5 new costumers, it really works

  18. The moment I saw this video, I said “He is in Palm Springs!” So am I…we
    are neighbors! Great video and hope to see you around town.

  19. Doug you know this seems to happen to me (EVERYTIME) I ‘count my blessings’
    because I think we put ourselves on a higher vibrational frequency as we
    show gratitude for being alive and our many blessings as we bless others
    with our good fortune and that in itself welcomes luck to come into our
    life instead of the mindset of get, get, get all the time. Thanks for the
    eye-opening video! Namaste!

  20. Thank you I believe this will help me also I will try this. I’m sending
    this to some of my friends….Thank you sooooo much!

  21. Supposing I want to become a billionaire without ever needing another
    job… Using your ideas to get $3,000 is like a small step in comparison,
    but this sounds great, regardless! Besides, I been using the law of
    attraction to get a lot more things than just money, and I know positive
    feelings along with belief will make this work anywhere and everywhere. I
    am so grateful I got to use this as a potential opportunity to get the
    money I want, thanks much.

  22. I gave this a try & it worked so I did it again & it worked again & every
    time I do this it is working

  23. Your 1st vlog is the 1st explanation of FOCUS WHEEL understood by me. Thank
    you Nice landing page, too 😀 !!!

  24. I am doing this tonight… Will follow up when my desire is fulfilled…I
    am giving it three days of solid good vibrations. Thank you Doug!

  25. Hi Doug. Thank you for taking the time to give to people, and for visually
    clarifying the focus wheel for me. I can’t help thinking that you were SO
    in the vortex during the making of the video that you must have manifested
    ANOTHER $3000 shortly after.. which makes me smile.. x

  26. you should have gone for more than 3000 $
    next time try 1000,000,000 $
    then make a video, to proof it.
    i hope you make it,
    good luck.

  27. Awesome!!! So basically the bible has been right all this time… Believe you
    have received and it shall come to pass= Faith.

  28. Thank you so much for posting this, I’ve been wanting to see a visual of
    the focus wheel for some time now because I didn’t quite understand what
    Abraham-Hicks was describing 

  29. Hi Doug,
    Thanks for this brilliant first video. You have explained how to solve the
    problem of manifestation of law of attraction and being in the vortex
    feeling so well,better than all those Gurus and experts. You see , I have
    in the been in that vortex feelings many times in the past, but I didn’t
    know this is the vortex or vibrational feelings!! I didn’t know what to do
    next?With no joy purely because I didn’t realize where I was and how to
    convert this pure joy or vibrational feelings into manifestation.I did not
    have the final clue. Your focus wheel and vortex method is a brilliant
    method and yet so simple to follow. I will use your method and update you
    in near future.I also have my own Inspirational Facebook page and website.I
    will recommend your link to others. Many blessings to you.

  30. Wow! Thanks for sharing this important idea to the public. This thing
    really helps!

  31. I have a strong feeling that this this process is going to work like
    miracle …I will sure try this !

  32. This is the most effective law of attraction video i have found, your
    technique really works!! I change it up a little each time I do it to suit
    my personal mindset at the time or whatever but for showing people who are
    new to the concept (which I love to do, introducing someone and having it
    work for them too pleases me so much )it’s perfect! Thank you!! I will
    continue to share this. ♡

  33. Man, this is awesome. I love it! I used it to acquire a job in my area and
    so far so good.. … At first there weren’t any openings,w/ in three days
    of doing the wheel. There has been an opening for the position I’m after.
    I’ve placed the app and am waiting for the call in the next three days(
    beginning today). I’ll keep you posted and share the end results expected-

  34. Great job on your first blog. I have the audio book Ask and its given. I am
    yet to listen to it in it’s entirety. You now inspire me. Thanks Doug

  35. Hi Doug. You are so funny and your presentation was so hilarious. You made
    me laugh. Besides, you make it feel simple and a little crazy to do. Your
    wheel got stuck in me, I was able to tap into your excitement. A must thing
    to do, I will keep you posted on my progress.

  36. THANK YOU SO MUCH This was THE BEST, most simple straight forward
    explanation of how this process works! I was beginning to feel awesome just
    listening to you! LOL!

  37. Beautiful – keep the feeling flowing (positive) and things will change for
    what you want – I know this has happened several times for me – even money
    flowed in – start for 7 days and you will see the change.

    But then again it all comes down to what you believe. If you believe it you
    will ultimately receive it. So if you believe this is BS then that is what
    you will receive but if you believe that this is a teaching tool and
    something you need to learn then you will learn it and start to put the
    principles to good use.

  38. I’ve only just written out my Focus Wheel.
    I’m feeling awesomely positive.
    Thank you Doug. 😀 xX

  39. Thank you, thank you, thank you soooooooooo much!! I really feel like this
    is what I’ve been looking for 🙂 God bless you.

  40. Nice video… very easy to understand how the law of attraction works.
    Thanks for your time and shrae. 

  41. I make powerful law of attraction videos!
    Come to my channel to become WEALTHY & HAPPY #Subscribe ^_^ 

  42. I would like to take 6 couples to go company success trips in Jackson Hole
    with me and I want all of them qualify Ruby by the end of this weekend at
    12pm on Saturday February 22, 2014

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