How To Manifest Anything! -Very Powerful Tool! (Law Of Attraction)

How does manifesting work? We talk about and we all know people who seem to attract everything they want into their life.  The truth is that you have been manifesting things into your life from the time you were a child. All of us have the ability to manifest anything we want, instantly. The concept is very simple, get crystal clear on what you want to manifest and raise your vibration to match it.“Like attracts like. Whatever the conscious mind thinks and believes, the subconscious mind identically creates.” –Brian Adams

So how do you raise your vibration so that you attract your desires:

  1. Set a Strong Specific Intention:  Setting an intention that is crystal clear is your starting point. Your intention must be specific.  You’re telling the universe what you want and the more clarity you provide the easier it will be for the universe to align the people, places and things that will help it show up for you.
  2. Create and Hold Onto a High Vibrational Feeling State: Step into your intention and imagine that you already have it. To raise your vibration means that you feel the joy of having your desire. Make a habit of listening to the above mediation daily, even several times a day. It will help you stay in the proper state.
  3. Detach from the Outcome: this is the piece that is often the hardest to do and understand, after all we want want what we want so how do you detach from wanting it. Personally, when I catch myself stressing of over focusing on that it hasn’t shown up yet, I stop and think or say out loud that I release this fear to the universe god and often I will call on Jesus and simply say this is in your hands. Then I’ll say “thank you for my desire”
  4. Take Inspired Actions: Inspired action means listening to your subconscious and paying attention to signs that you receive throughout the day. It can be as simple as a reminder to call someone, or a small step that will help get you closer to what you want. Listen and act but don’t force it. When in doubt take a small step towards your desire and notice what doors open – then walk through.

The mediation included in this post played a huge roll in transforming my life. It will walk you through each of the four steps that I’ve outlined. Bookmark this post and listen to it first thing every morning for 30 days. You’ll be amazed.

I’d love to  hear how it makes a difference for you. Please share your manifestations and questions in the comments.

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