I AM THAT, I AM – Law of Attraction Meditation

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I am fascinated by the Law of Attraction and practice law of attraction meditation daily.  I wish that I could say that I was an expert, far from it.  Recently I  had a friend tell me to cup my hands over my heart and repeat, I Am That, I Am.  I tried it but couldn’t quite connect with the magic of what it was supposed to do.

By pure chance, I came across this video by Wayne Dyer and the title caught my eye. I watched it and was immediately transfixed.   It’s based on his book I Am Wishes Fulfilled  and I can honestly say that  I think that I’ve found the most powerful  law of attraction mediation video on the planet.  In this video, Dr. Wayne Dyer explains that  the Hebrew translation of God is I AM and he goes on to explain why meditating and focusing on the I Am, That, I Am is so powerful.

He also  makes sense of how you use the phrase in your own mediation.  The whole “That” thing makes no sense until now.  He explains, that as you meditate, you replace “That” with what ever it is that you want to attract.  For example, if you want to attract money into your life you might meditate with “I Am Abundant, I Am”, or I Am receiving cash daily, I Am”.  If it’s health you would use I AM Healthy, I AM.

Try it and tell me what you think.  You can also get the I AM Wishes Fulfilled Meditation CD and or book on Amazon.

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  1. For Nancy Lamb: I’m sorry but your comment didn’t have a ‘reply’ icon, so I
    have to reply like this…
    I have never heard of Wayne Dyer complaining of poverty or stating he
    produces the things he does for personal profit or glory, quite the
    opposite in fact. Likewise, I am making exactly nothing from this, I am
    simply sharing it. My reason for sharing the things I do is to inform and
    things like this (Spiritual matters), in my view, should NEVER have a price
    placed on them nor be restricted only to those who can financially afford
    to obtain them.

  2. *Dr Dyer should submit an entry to The Truth Contest.* If you don’t know
    about this website, I suggest you to check it out ASAP (read “The

  3. Now that is one I don’t understand in the same way,

    To me, I AM THAT I AM doesn’t mean that we as humans are all powerful, but
    that God is the only I AM, and that all of us are His image and likeness.
    To me God is LOVE, the essence of love. I don’t give the universe any
    power but I give absolutely All the power to God. I don’t believe I am a
    creator or anybody else, but God, Only One Creator.
    We cannot assume that we are god or a-god. That will be assuming we are
    all-powerful (which we are not and we know it).
    I don’t think that by repeating that I am as powerful as God I will
    actually accomplish anything at all, but on the other hand… being God’s
    image, at the 1st chapter in the Bible explains, I accept for myself that I
    reflect God’s intelligence along with all the qualities derived from Deity,
    but it doesn’t mean that I am as God -an image reflects, therefore: I
    reflect God.
    And for my answer to the one that calls himself, Team Jesus, I do not
    believe satan has any power at all over anybody, unless we consent,
    nothing, no power at all, not if we don’t give it.
    I believe God is All-powerful. What part of All you don’t get?
    If satan has power over you is because you give it by accepting that is can
    do something.

  4. *You are that which is you. Well… What is exactly you? What is your
    shape, where are you, what are you made of, are you anything?* *The answer
    is, that you are literally nothing. You are that which something (senses)

    *You are the abyss. You are the silence that is impossible to express in
    words.* *If you want to know the truth of life and yourself, go to
    truthcontest☼com and read “The present” there.*

  5. And the serpent (SATAN) said unto the woman, “You shall not surely die (as
    God said); for God knows that on the day you eat of it, your eyes will be
    opened, and you shall be as gods, knowing good and evil” (Genesis 3:4-5).
    So there you have it. The father of lies has said that all people are gods.
    This means you (Dr. Wayne Dyer) are of your father, the Devil!

  6. I don’t care who said what my own personal belief is we would feel God if
    the human race race truly loved, supported, and cared for each other.

  7. Thank you very much for bringing to us this special meditation. I am
    benefiting from it already. Again, thank you very much. I am so grateful
    and appreciative for this.

  8. You won’t be able to say, ‘Here it is!’ or ‘It’s over there!’ For the
    Kingdom of God is within you”

  9. Does anyone remember Frank Zappa saying’ The truth, my friend, it should be
    easy to see; the crux of the biscuit is the apostrophe’. I always took that
    to mean that once we were enlightened,so to speak, and no longer interested
    in the things of this world, we could leave, (Which we can by the way), but
    this could have a new meaning. He was a very together person you know.

  10. Wayne Dyer is someone that believe in God.
    He talks about Jesus in all his books, and God.
    People talking here don’t know or never read Dyer, so they rush judging him

    Go and try to understand your bible well ad you will understand what he
    And i’m downloadig this and start usig it right ow. Dyer as changed my
    life, from his books, I stopped usig stress medication , anger is gone. If
    this man did not write his books, I may have been jailed already beating
    someone in the street

    “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word WAS
    God.” (John 1:1)

    Fully God and fully Man; Jesus Christ (The Word made flesh) was the
    only Person in history Who could actually say, “I AM” (See John 1:1,
    John18:5-8, and 1Tim.3:16)

    The following verses are for Wayne Dyer and his followers…
    “For the time will come when you will not endure sound doctrine; but with
    itching ears–and according to your own lusts–you will listen to false
    teachers. You will turn away your ears from the truth and believe
    in fables…” (2 Timothy 4:3-4)

    A perfect summation for the multitudes of lost souls seeking guidance from
    an endless array of New Age, self-styled, self-help, media-friendly gurus,
    who in turn have been glowingly endorsed by many of today’s leading
    Talk-Show hosts.
    Satan is currently beguiling the religious world with such soothing and
    deceptive strains as, “ALL faiths are valid.” ~ “God is All ~ and All is
    One ~ so all are Divine ~ and share the Oneness that is God.” Etc., etc.,

    Any other claim to the title “I AM” is a blasphemous lie, and a deception
    which is taking millions of unsuspecting people down the “broad way that
    leads to destruction.”
    However, if Chopra, Dyer, Winfrey, Keating, Nhat Hanh, Tolle (et al) ever
    declare that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD – the ONLY WAY to salvation and to the
    Father in Heaven; (John 14:6) they just might be worth listening to.
    Until then…
    “The victory of deception is the unawareness of our
    Kole Eremos

  12. Dear Ian, Many thanks for sharing this meditation br Dr wayne Dyers. i
    like it a lot.and it places me in a good mood
    I hope this will help me to overcome my present bad situation (health
    troubles : amblyopia, diabetes, hypercholesterol, depression etc) and
    present big financial problems. Thank you

  13. Ian, thank you for this, and of course Wayne, brought me a wonderful
    feeling of contact, the wonderful feeling of love and inner peace.

  14. Dear Ian; Thank you very much for sharing this great music meditation, I am
    so grateful and appreciative for your action.

  15. I have watched his videos and bought one of his books but when you look in
    to his business you see so many of his books are similar in content. They
    are just money spinners for him and his publisher. It is always a shame
    when a gifted person is exploited or becomes greedy for materialistic
    trappings when he or she purports to be against them. I mean, come on,
    perpetual calenders?? Next you will be selling coasters and mugs with your
    face on! Just write one classic work and slip back into obscurity if you
    are a real guru.

  16. There was no punctuation in Hebrew…yet, we are made “in His image” and
    being part of HIS whole, and given our gifts by HIM…then, as it has been
    said, “you are what you think”…the power of choosing is ours—free
    will..choose GOD/God is love and all things good… that my friends is the
    moment-to-moment choice we have..God’s.highest and best or less than, which
    is separation from GOD–all that is good. Therefore, choose God/Love. Love
    thy neighbor as thyself…separation is judgment. Love yourself, forgive
    yourself, and so, Love and forgiveness is available to others…we are all

  17. To believe in the enormous claims of “The Moses Code” – e.g. “the most
    powerful,” “first time in history” and other dubious superlatives. How do
    we know when something is the most? It is like saying such and such person
    is the most beautiful in the world, how does one know this? Maybe we can
    know the highest mountain or longest river, but the most powerful! – one
    has to believe in the miracles of Moses, yeah. I could just as well believe
    that Athena popped from Zeus’s head. That would be an incredible miracle I
    think. I think it tops parting the Sea. What this does do is attempt to
    solidify the primacy of the Bible religions. I prefer to go with the
    creator Goddes Mawu, given to us by the Dahomey. At least she is female in
    nature instead of all the male create/gods/miracle makers of the Bible. 

  18. Wow I am amazed at how heated people get. I just wonder does GOD, the
    creator of all things, really want all the judgement and hate that
    religious beliefs create? If you connect with GOD and pray for protection
    and TRUST that he is with you then one shouldn’t have to worry all the time
    about SATAN. Just pray and trust but most of all connect with GOD and this
    beautiful music will at least get one to stop for 30 or so minutes to be
    quiet so you can hear GOD in your heart and mind and KNOW.

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