How Physical Manifestation Works with Nature

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Physical Manifestation and Nature

Physical Manifestation is directly related to how you connect with nature.  You ability to manifest physical opjects such as money or cars or anything for that matter is connected to your vibration.  As your vibration raises you notice improved feelings first, this is followed by a shift in your stream of thoughts, and then nature provides the first physical manifestation of your alignment.

It’s that simple.  That’s why meditations designed to help you raise your vibration are so important.  In the teachings of Abraham Hicks,  as you raise your vibration you start to gain momentum.  Once you get some of that momentum going you begin to notice the ramifications of momentum through physical manifestation.  In other words you start to materialize things that you want into your life.  We like calling it actualization or demonstration so  what happens when you get a really good momentum going is that the first thing that happens is you receive you experience the manifestation of emotion and we want to call emotion.

High vibration meditations help you connect with emotion in a neutral and positive way and can ultimately lead to attracting what you want and need.



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