Stop saying I Want

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The power of your words work wonders when it comes to attracting what you want in your life.

Watch this short video to learn how to stop saying I want and shift your language to “I have”. In the words of Mike Dooley – “Thoughts Become Things, Choose the Good Ones. ”

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  1. Watch your wallet, this old muffin talks and dresses like a ‘con man’.
    This guy is exactly what he looks like.
    Believe me, this guy is the opposite of what God wants.
    There are no shortcuts and this guy understands your ignorance,needs &
    weakness. This guy speaks for God? God doesn’t confide in smug pricks
    who sit on a ‘throne’ and wear necklaces.

  2. I’ve heard contradictions to this.. I’ve read from many articles and books
    that instead of saying.. I have.. It’s better to say im in the process of,
    due to the fact that most people can’t convince themselves that they have

  3. The universe takes your thoughts and words quite literally, and it gives
    you what you say. Stop saying “I want”, and start saying, “I have!”

  4. What I do sometimes is open up a notebook and start writing in the present
    tense as if I already have or achieved everything that I want. I can keep
    writing and writing and it really does pump me up because I start believing
    my own words and feeling as if I’ve already made it. The Law of Attraction
    is very powerful it’s scary.

  5. I wish he would’ve went more into detail on how to reach into the infinite
    and call fourth what we chose to experience 

  6. That was alot of information given but not completed…judge not by
    appearances? I want 5,000,000.00..
    Instead I have 5,000,000.00?
    I have 5,000,000.00 where is it?
    Ask and it is given unto you!
    Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened… bottom line feeling
    you oneness and appreciation and graditude and desires bring you to your
    goals of manifesting what ever it is that you are wanting to bring into
    physical form into your life…I have is virtual money…

  7. Thank you for posting this. I was seeking answers and was able to find
    many of them here :)

  8. Yes, LOA isn’t about wanting, it’s about focusing on what you feel.
    Whatever you feel, you attract. That’s why you attract things, whether you
    want them or not. So feel good, and you attract what you wanted. That’s why
    it is even better to pretend you have them when you feel good.

  9. You want okay. But have faith and believe you have it and it shall be yours
    if followed by action.

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